Chardonnay DOC

Production Area: On land located near Syracuse called “Frescura”.
Grapes from which it is produced: Chardonnay 100%
Type of vinification: The grapes are picked manually and placed in small boxes and undergo a soft pressing. The resulting must is fermented in steel tanks at controlled temperatures. In late winter early spring, the wine is now clear and placed in bottles ready for use.
Organoleptic Profile:
  • Color: Straw yellow with greenish.
  • Bouquet: fruity, fresh, initially, over time captures notes of exotic fruit.
  • Taste: has great comfort, is full and round, with body and structure to the presence of acidic note.
  • Gastronomy: To be served in glasses thin and transparent, possibly good-size. Served at 10-12 ° is indicated for appetizers and first courses, recommended for dishes based on fish. It can, if kept in suitable places last in time.
Oenologist Cesare Ferrari
Data Sheet Chardonnay DOC Sicilia