Inzolia – Chardonnay DOC



Production Area: Sicilia
Grapes from which it is produced: INZOLIA 60% Chardonnay 40%
Type of vinification: The hand-picked grapes are placed in small boxes so as not to damage them and then transferred into the press , where they undergo a soft pressing . The two grapes are handled individually and are assembled just before bottling , in order to enhance full all the characteristics of the two varieties . The must is fermented in steel tanks at controlled temperatures . In late winter early spring now the clear wine is poured into bottles ready for consumption
Organoleptic Profile:
  • Color: Organoleptic Profile:
  • Bouquet: Fruity with notes of white fruit
  • Taste: Soft and elegant with the presence of slight sour note
Material of fermentation tanks: Stainless steel
Alcool: 12%
Reference year: 2014
Gastronomy: Serve in glasses of thin and transparent glass, possibly a good size. Served at lO -l2 ° C is indicated for appetizers and first courses in general , recommended for seafood dishes. Excellent with seafood appetizers
Oenologist Cesare Ferrari
Data Sheet Inzolia Chardonnay