Moscato di Siracusa DOC “Barone Guglielmo”



Production Area: On land located near Syracuse called “Frescura”
Grapes from which it is produced: White Moscato 100%
Type of vinification: The wine is made from the harvest of moscato grape, partially dried, the fermentation occurs at very low temperature and is completed in about 30 days, it stops when it reaches an alcohol content of 14 °.A part and with ancient method is produced using only the very essence berries most withered and manually “HULLED”, this small portion of a worth of density equal to the honey, will be added, at a later time, the remaining sweet wine still in fermentation and give it special fragrance.
Organoleptic Profile:
  • Color: Surprisingly pale yellow
  • Bouquet: Typical of Moscato wine
  • Taste: Sweet and fruity, with time becomes much more advanced and spicy tones
  • Alcohol: 14% Vol. Ac. Tot 5.50%
  • Gastronomy: Unlike other dessert wines can be consumed in greater quantities because of its mild and delicate sweetness. It should be served chilled at 8-10 ° and well stand on to hors d’oeuvres of foie gras and dessert pastries not particularly filled with
Oenologist Cesare Ferrari
Data Sheet Moscato di Siracusa DOC Barone Guglielmo